Liberty News online Political News de DONALD TRUMP WAS RIGHT ABOUT SWEDEN AFTER ALL Sweden : 20.02.2017 17:00 : President Donald Trump was the subject of mockery on Sunday after delivering a speech in Florida in which he referred to an incident “last night in Sweden” — but he appears to have been referring to ANOTHER FAKED 'HATE CRIME' AGAINST A MUSLIM USA : 20.02.2017 16:51 : Another islamofauxbic hate crime turns out to have been nothing of the kind. So very often we see that hate crimes against Muslims turn out to have been faked — mostly so that Muslims can claim WHY AMERICANS DO NOT TRUST MAIN STREAM MEDIA USA : 20.02.2017 09:08 : After 30 years of slanted, biased and false news reporting from major players in the Main Stream Media (MSM) —Americans turn toward more reliable sources—such as citizen journalists writing for Internet news services. Social media features OBAMA LOYALISTS, LED BY BEN RHODES, ORCHESTRATED MIKE FLYNN'S OUSTER USA : 19.02.2017 19:07 : Last month, PJ Media's David Steinberg noticed that media had been covering the nothingburger about Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn's phone calls with Russia's Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak like it was the story of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA - ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE USA : 19.02.2017 13:21 : Echoing what an increasing number of Americans are rapidly coming to realize on their own, President Trump tweeted today that the “FAKE NEWS media” is “the enemy of the American People.” (See the tweet below.) ----- 'A DAY WITHOUT ILLEGALS' PROTEST TURNS OUT TO BE A POLITICAL DUD USA : 17.02.2017 23:18 : The much-ballyhooed “Day Without Immigrants” turned out to be a day without many protestors or any political impact, but with many Mexican flags, angry slogans, and a muted social-media response by amnesty advocates. The Thursday turnout FAKE NEWS: AP RUNS PHONY STORY ON TRUMP MOBILIZING NATIONAL GUARD TO ROUND UP ILLEGAL ALIENS USA : 17.02.2017 14:47 : START TRANSCRIPT FROM FEBRUARY 17, 2017 SHOW RUSH: The reaction to President Trump’s press conference yesterday. It really is hilarious. The Drive-Bys are still having kittens over the way Trump called ’em out for their fake PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP TO INTEL LEAKERS: 'YOU WILL BE CAUGHT' USA : 16.02.2017 13:26 : President Trump vowed Thursday to root out those responsible for leaking the “illegal classified” information that has fueled a string of damaging news reports on his administration, warning the leakers they “will be caught!” “Leaking, and IF YOU IMPORT ENDLESS THIRD WORLD REFUGEES, YOUR COUNTRY BECOMES A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY USA : 16.02.2017 12:00 : The burning question facing every European country in 2017: can their countries and cultures survive endless refugee immigration from the ever-burgeoning Third World? The salient question being ignored vs. not being asked in America, Canada or NY TIMES COMMITS TREASON IN FAKE NEWS ATTEMPT TO OVERTHROW THE U.S. GOVT - IS IT TIME TO START ARRESTING TRAITORS POSING AS JOURNALISTS? USA : 15.02.2017 23:42 : The New York Times is now actively engaged in deliberate acts of treason against the United States government. Following in the “journo-terrorism” practices of the Washington Post, the NYT has just published a wildly irresponsible innuendo 'ALLAHU AKBAR' PARIS RIOTS: TOURISTS ORDERED TO STAY AWAY AFTER MUSLIM RIOTERS ATTACK TOURIST BUS France : 15.02.2017 23:27 : Tourists stuck in traffic were threatened with a glass bottle before being mugged, with the gang of youths then trying to set fire to the coach carrying South Korean tourists. After the muggers fled, the driver AETNA CEO: 'OBAMACARE IS IN A DEATH SPIRAL' USA : 15.02.2017 23:01 : During a discussion with the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini declared that Obamacare is “in a death spiral.” Bertolini said, [relevant remarks begin around 12:45] “I think you will see a lot PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP ASKS EX-NAVY SEAL AND ADMIRAL TO BE HIS NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR USA : 15.02.2017 17:20 : President Trump has offered the vacant national security adviser posting at the White House to Vice Adm. Robert Harward, according to multiple reports Wednesday. Harward, a former Navy SEAL and deputy commander of US Central Command, FORMER OBAMA OFFICIALS, LOYALISTS WAGED SECRET CAMPAIGN TO OUST MIKE FLYNN USA : 14.02.2017 21:35 : The abrupt resignation Monday evening of White House national security adviser Michael Flynn is the culmination of a secret, months-long campaign by former Obama administration confidantes to handicap President Donald Trump's national security apparatus and preserve WE MUST CUT OFF THE TOXIC FUNDING FLOW TO THE LEFTIST ORGANIZATIONS FROM TAX-EXEMPT FOUNDATIONS USA : 14.02.2017 12:30 : If the deadly schemes of the giant tax-exempt foundations are to be stopped — and they must be — we must learn from the failed attempts of the past to bring them to account. According to