Liberty News online Political News de SANCTUARY CITIES RULING CONTINUES TROUBLING TREND USA : 27.04.2017 00:24 : BEGIN TRANSCRIPT FROM APRIL 27, 201 SHOW RUSH: I have to talk about this judge, folks, and what’s happening here, because remember the piece that I shared with you from Daniel Greenfield, “The Civil War is SANCTUARY CITIES FIGHT: FEDERAL JUDGE WHO BLOCKED TRUMP ORDER IS A DEMOCRAT ACTIVIST AND BUNDLER USA : 27.04.2017 00:00 : The judge who struck down a Trump administration crackdown on sanctuary cities is a hard-core Democrat activist whose life has been steeped in liberal politics since childhood. Judge William Orrick III, 63, who on Tuesday blocked OATH KEEPERS URGE ANN COULTER TO CARRY ON WITH BERKELEY SPEECH AND PLEDGES PROTECTION USA : 26.04.2017 23:09 : UPDATE: New rally at MLK Park in Berkeley, Thursday at 2 PM. ----- Oath Keepers has current and retired law enforcement officers and military veterans on site in Berkeley, CA to protect Ann Coulter and those SENATOR TED CRUZ CALLS FOR $14 BILLION SEIZED FROM 'EL CHAPO' TO FUND THE BORDER WALL USA : 26.04.2017 17:08 : Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced a bill calling for the use of $14 billion seized from cartel drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman to be used to pay for the President’s border wall between the U.S. RUSH LIMBAUGH: OBAMA ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL ADMITS BUREAUCRATS MANIPULATED CLIMATE STATS USA : 24.04.2017 22:04 : BEGIN TRANSCRIPT FROM APRIL 24 2017 SHOW RUSH: Let me give you the headline here on this. It’s a Daily Caller story. Ready for this? “Former Obama Official: Bureaucrats Manipulate Climate Stats to Influence Policy.” No POLICE INJURED - 143 ARRESTS AS COMMUNIST FAR LEFT RIOTS IN PARIS TO PROTEST MARINE LePEN France : 24.04.2017 21:55 : Six policemen were injured as far left activists rioted, burned cars, and smashed property during violent demonstrations against Marine Le Pen Sunday night in Paris, where 143 arrests were made. Before the results of the first ESTABLISHMENT LOSES IN FRENCH ELECTION: MARINE LePEN AND EMMANUEL MACRO QUALIFY FOR RUNOFF France : 23.04.2017 19:44 : French politics was shaken to its core Sunday as far-right populist Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron advanced to a runoff presidential election after the first round of voting. As it became clear that Le AS THE DEMOCRAT PARTY FRACTURES, THE COMMUNIST PARTY USA ENROLLMENT SOARS USA : 23.04.2017 11:02 : The embarrassing electoral smattering of Hillary Clinton in November of 2016 carried with it the added effect of fracturing the democratic party. In the wake of a massive dump of information from within the Clinton campaign, ON EARTH DAY, DON'T FORGET HOW FEDERAL IMMIGRATION POLICIES UNDERMINE ECO-FRIENDLY GOALS USA : 23.04.2017 10:45 : Many of us on the NumbersUSA staff are at the Texas State Fairground today, and, as on every Earth Day since the first one in 1970, there will be widespread calls this weekend for the government BERKELEY CALIFORNIA MAYOR BELONGS TO VIOLENT LEFTIST-COMMUNIST GROUP 'BAMN' USA : 22.04.2017 18:16 : Jesse Arreguin, mayor of Berkeley, California, has been revealed to be involved with a violent, far-left group known as “BAMN,” meaning “By Any Means Necessary.” Indeed, Arreguin’s Facebook page shows him belonging to BAMN, according to RUSH LIMBAUGH: NO BLAMING RUSSIA OR CLIMATE CHANGE FOR THIS TERROR ATTACK IN FRANCE USA : 22.04.2017 17:54 : BEGIN TRANSCRIPT FROM APRIL 21, 2017 RUSH: Let’s get to the Paris attacks, because this is pressing here at the moment. One thing that makes me kind of curious here, I’ve been waiting for it and OATH KEEPERS AND OTHER LIBERTY GROUPS SUCCESSFULLY DEFENDED FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS AGAINST ANTIFA RADICALS AT BERKELEY ON APRIL 15TH USA : 22.04.2017 13:12 : At the request of the event organizers from Liberty Revival Alliance, Oath Keepers sent current and retired police officers (most from California) as well as military veterans and patriotic citizens to help provide security for the ALLEGATION THAT MAYOR AND TOP POLICE BRASS MAY HAVE BEEN COMPLICIT IN THE ANTIFA RIOTS AT BERKELEY USA : 22.04.2017 12:04 : According to an anonymous insider on the sub reddit channel /Pol/, top liberal brass in the Berkeley police department may have been complicit with Antifa in the riots that occurred in Berkeley. According to the “police OBAMA ADMINISTRATION WAS SECRETLY FUNDING GEORGE SOROS' LEFT-WING POLITICAL FOUNDATION USA : 22.04.2017 11:30 : One reason George Soros is so active in the political scene – both in the U.S. and worldwide – is that he is handed a lot of our tax dollars to fund his activities. And your BOMBSHELL: HERE'S A MEDIA COVER-UP THAT HITS VERY CLOSE TO HOME USA : 22.04.2017 11:13 : This past week the Secretary of the Homeland Security, General John Kelly, stated that our FBI is investigating incidents of Islamic jihadism in every state in our union. If that’s not enough to wake us up,