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About Tim Cox
Tim Cox
PO Box 75, Liberty Hill  TX 78642
United States
With 25 years of experience in the high-tech world, author Tim Cox has worked side-by-side many powerful individuals. But after helping Dell grow to a $55 billion Fortune 25 giant, he shifted gears, walking away from a lucrative career in the tech industry, and rededicating his life to a cause even more progressive than anything he has done before.

A devotee to the writings of Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and Alexis de Tocqueville, Cox has always strived to uphold Americaís founding ideals. Much like his mentor Franklin, Cox is an innovator himself, from developing software for a spy satellite system to creating credit card readers for gas pumps. But while making modern life easer for his clients was part of Coxís expertise in systems management, today he aims for loftier goals: an overhaul of our nationís government, and a House of Representatives unfettered by special interest groups.