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12-13-2014 6:56 pm - Geert Wilders
Text of a speech before the Congress of the National Front (Lyon, France - November 29, 2014).

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends,

I am very pleased to be here today in Lyon, the capital of the French Resistance. It is a privilege to address this gathering of French patriots in the presence of my friend, Marine Le Pen, the next President of France! My party, the Party for Freedom, is, according to surveys, the largest party in the Netherlands. And your party, the National Front, is, according to the polls, the top party in France.

The future is ours! The future belongs to the patriots of Europe! Because the peoples of Europe have had enough of betrayal by the multicultural elites who destroy our identities and our traditions. Of these hypocrites who squander our wealth and shackle our prosperity, endangering the future of our children.

Like you, we want to protect our sovereign and independent country. Like you, we want to use our taxpayers’ money for our own citizens. Like you, we are fighting to preserve our identity. Like you, we do not want foreigners who come to our country to tell us that they are the masters of our house.

We say:

Send criminals, jihadists, illegal immigrants OUT OF THE COUNTRY, and all those who refuse to adapt to our values. Expel them and never let them back! Because the only masters in the Netherlands are the Dutch, just as the only masters in France are the French!

We do not want a foreign and barbaric culture that deprives us of our freedoms. We oppose mass immigration. Concerning Islam, we say enough is enough! It is LEGITIMATE that we defend our own values and our freedoms. We are proud of who we are; we are proud to be Dutch, proud to be French, proud of the civilization that our parents left to us, and that we want to leave our children. We defend our country, we defend our flag, we defend our heritage, we defend our nation.

We must constantly strive to reclaim our homelands, to remove them from the European Union, from the spiral of mass immigration, get them out of the clutches of this hypocritical and allegedly multicultural elite.

My dear friends,

I know times are tough; I know that a hard battle lies ahead. But I also know that for a valiant heart nothing is impossible! And I know that each of you in this room is courageous. I know that you constitute the backbone of the National Front, which in turn constitutes the backbone of France.

I know that you are present here today because a French heart beats in your chest — a heart that is ready to do battle for France.

Marshal Foch said it a hundred years ago: “To accept the idea of defeat is to be conquered.” We have not been conquered; we do not accept defeat, because our countries are waking up. The Netherlands is awakening. France is awakening. Greater and greater numbers of our compatriots are discovering that we tell the truth and that we are fighting for freedom and survival of our countries.

Let me finish this speech by wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Because it will in fact be a really great year, a good year and a happy year for all patriots of Europe!

Long live the Netherlands, Vive la France!

Thank you and see you again soon!

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