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Overview (10782) :: India (11)

India :: Radical Islam   ::   Print this Article
08-19-2014 7:23 pm - Pamela Geller
I receive many notes, emails from victims of Islamic supremacism from all over the world. Many I canít share, as doing so might compromise the safety of the person who seeks help.

But this one I thought you should see. Keep in mind that there have been over 80 million Hindus slaughtered in jihadi wars, land appropriations and enslavements.



i have come through ur website today. u r doing really great job. when world choose to be silent u decided to stand with truth. whatever happening in iraq with yazidi people is happening with us since 1000 years, it happend few years back in kashmir with kashmiri hindus. man r killed, women are raped by their muslim neighbor in front of their husband, fathers and then killed. all this on the name of jihad or islam.

More than 20 years passed and they r still refugee in their own any crime if a muslim is involved then politician and media choose to be silent even if its a gang rape by muslim. media do not prefer to show these report. nobody talks about them them as muslim are big vote bank in india.

keep awakening people save america before these people become american vote bank otherwise everything will be changed there too.


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