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03-16-2017 6:05 pm - Horn News Editorial Team
Conservative talk radio star Michael Savage was left bloodied and bruised after an allegedly unprovoked attack by an angry liberal while eating dinner out Tuesday — and the vicious assault has left many wondering, “Is there no decency anymore?”

Savage, who President Donald Trump has acknowledged was critical in his election victory, was taunted and then attacked by a stranger while dining out alone at Servino Ristorante in Tiburon, California on Tuesday around 8:00pm, The Daily Mail reports.

The attack was so vicious, Savage, 74, is reportedly pressing felony hate crime charges against his alleged attacker.

The assault began when Savage was recognized by another patron in the parking lot, who started taunting him by chanting, “weenie!” and “wiener!” — a reference to Savage’s legal name, Michael Alan Wiener.

When the conservative talk show star headed towards his car with his dog, the taunts turned to blows.

“He said, ‘Are you Michael Weeener”! I turned to him and said, ‘Go away, I don't know who you are,” Savage said on the incident in a statement.

“I turned to leave and he pushed me and I fell down. He moved toward me to push me down and he shoved my 10 pound poodle out of the way to get to me. He has lied and said I pushed him. That is absurd. Both of my hands were holding onto things!” Savage said.

According to Savage’s lawyer, David Horowitz, the attacked was approximately 20-years younger than the conservative personality — and targeted him on purpose.

When a bystander attempted to intervene in the assault, the man allegedly punched them in the face.

The suspects name has not been released.

“Laurie Nilsen, a spokeswoman for the Tiburon Police Department, said officers responded to Servino around 8:25 p.m. on a report of a fight with no weapons involved,” SF Gate reported Thursday. “Both men blamed the other for starting the altercation and wanted to press charges, Nilsen said, adding that officers were compiling evidence and planned to forward a report to the Marin County district attorney’s office for possible charges.”


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