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Overview (10762) :: Iran (55)

Iran :: Radical Islam   ::   Print this Article
10-11-2011 11:50 pm - Paula Poster
Here is what the Iran-Hezbollah Islamo-fascistic entity has been contributing to humanity, since the Islamic Revolution. Religious apartheid and ethnic apartheid:
Since the revolution, a total Islamic oppression has been in place, yet, there was always a "special" place for oppression on non-Muslim, racism on non-Ethnic Iranians like; Kurds, Turkmen, Arabs, etc.

- Hijacking Americans for 144 days in 1979.

- Bombing US and French barracks in 1983.

- Kidnapping and torturing of W. Higgins.

- Bombing shopping malls in France 1985-6

- Torturing Lebanese Jews in the 1980s.

- Bombing Israeli embassy in Argentina 1992

- Massacre of many civilians at the AMIA building Argentina, 1994

- Deadly bombing of Panamanian Airliner in 1994,

- Aiding the Islamic-Arab hijackers of the 911 attack who butchered 3,000 people.

- In 2005, Islamic-Hitler Ahmadinejad "denies" the Holocaust (of the 6,000,000 [including 1,5 Million children] innocent Jewish victims of the Nazi era for the sole senseless "reason" of belonging to the Hebrews).

- Iran calls for genocide, for Israel to be 'wiped off' - 1994 [by Iranian ambassador in Argentina], 2005, 2007 [by Ahmadinejad, who also called for death to the US and the UK].
Ahmadinejad has been widely termed a 'Hitler,' such as: by Germany's Merkel, Italy's Berlusconi, Israel's Olmert, Christian leaders, US officials, and by some Arab officials.

- 2011 plot to assassinate Saudi Arabian ambassador to the US, by attempting to hire Mexican cartel, planting a bomb in a DC restaurant that would kill hundreds.

Its Hezbollah:
- Has been targeting civilian Israelis since its inception.

- Involved in causing many deaths in Iraq.

- Involved in causing bloodshed in Afghanistan.

- Aiding the bloody Islamists' atrocities in Somalia.

- Persecuting Christians in Lebanon.

- Using Christians as human shields in its 2006 anti-Israel attacks.

- Plotting to attack Egypt in 2009.

- Plotting to attack Israeli embassy in Azerbaijan in 2009.

- Attempting to found a jihad terror network along US-Mexican border in 2010.

- Plotting against Bahrain in 2011 and inciting from within, in a long time effort to capture the country.

- Invented the despicable "conspiracy theory" two days after the 911 attack. Reiterated by Ahnmadinejad in 2010 and in 2011, despite al-Qaeda's own protests on both occasions...

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