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11-19-2012 6:07 am -
Yes. The headline may be hard to believe. But it is correct. America’s first Islamic government has been established, sitting on American soil. Located in Hancock, NY, this Islamic town is right there for anyone to… well, not actually for anyone to see.

Hidden in the Catskills Mountains, this Islamic town sits on more than 80-acres of land, surrounded by trees, rolling hills, lakes and, most importantly, armed guards that protect it.

It’s a city within a city. Their Islamic leaders called it “The Town of Islamberg.”

They have an address. It’s 2732 Roods Creek Road, Hancock, NY. But don’t go looking for it. That’s my advice. Stay away. This American town is not for true Americans that stumble upon it. In fact, this town is more a country within a country, than a city within a city. They are an Islamic government operating on American soil and you have to be one of their citizens to get in – or else.

There will be doubters of course. People who will not believe the Town of Islamberg actually exists. And they’ll have to go see it for themselves. The address is above for those doubters. Just remember, you doubters, whoever you are: You were warned. Stay away.

The Town of Islamberg is a bold attempt by an Islamic community, located about 3 hours northwest of New York City, to set up its own city-state, with its own laws, its own government and even its own military. The group behind this initiative is an organization called, Muslims of the Americas (MOA).

MOA has nearly three-dozen villages, camps and Islamic compounds scattered around the United States, all of varying sizes and population. But this camp in Hancock, which also serves as their headquarters, is the first to be so brazen to set up its own Islamic government.

The Town of Islamberg has its own mayor, deputy mayor and town council members. In fact, they have five council members. Just to put this in perspective, the entire town of Hancock, in which Islamberg sits, only has four council members.

These Islamic council members are not elected, of course. Far from being anything constitutionally elected, they are self-appointed demagogues who rule their community with the iron fist of Islamic law.

On paper (and paper only) the Town of Islamberg looks like any other town. They have such government departments as “Land and Development,” “Finance,” “Education” and even a “Medical Services” department.

But what actually goes on in this “town” is truly frightening. Islamberg citizens are told what television programs they can watch and those that are forbidden. Girls are denied an education. Women are compelled into polygamous marriages. Mothers are forbidden to use any type of contraception. And both men and women, regardless of age, are often tied to trees and whipped for disobeying Town laws.

Each child is taught, from the time they can begin to learn, to become a servant of their highly controversial leader, Sheikh Mubarak Gilani, who lives in Pakistan. Gilani formed “Muslims of the Americas” nearly 30 years ago when he visited the United States to set up guerilla-style warfare training camps throughout America.

As servants of Sheikh Gilani, they live for a purpose that few Americans could ever grasp. They engage in crimes that feed money back to their Pakistani leader (such as selling drugs and committing welfare fraud) and the elite are chosen to train as “Soldiers of Allah” for the day of Jihad against the United States.

Little had ever been known about what goes on inside these camps until a former undercover informant for the NYPD decided to speak to me and other associates of Christian Action Network.

This undercover informant, named Ali Aziz, spent eight years inside MOA. He reached out to Christian Action Network for the sole purpose of exposing the horrific life of the women and children living on these compounds and to voice his frustration that, regardless of the organization’s continuing criminal deeds and activities, the NYPD refuses to intervene or shut them down.

His complete story is in my book, “Twilight in America: The Untold Story of Islamic Terrorist Camps Inside America.” It is elegantly co-authored by Patti Pierucci.

But a quote from Ali bears mentioning here.

“You have to understand this,” he told me. “These kids, all they have been living for their whole lives is they want to fight a holy war. These are kids! They start at age 17 in the compound and they become a gangster, they want to become gangsters for what they think is a holy war.”

Ali said many of the men train as an elite military force for waging such a holy war in America.

Brainwashed? No question. These children have never known anything else. They are born on these compounds. They are beaten into submission. They are told that their leader, Sheikh Gilani, will turn them into “monkeys” if they disobey his laws.

And now, in an effort that has to shock even the most critical observer of these compounds, MOA is turning their villages into townships with mayors, deputy mayors and town council members – a move that totally isolates them from the rest of America and will forever bring hopelessness and absolute ruin to every boy, girl and eventual mother who lives in these militaristic enclaves.

There is no official outcry over these Islamic towns, however. (The MOA compound in South Carolina also has its own “mayor”)

Can you imagine the U.S. Government’s response to a Christian community that set up its own town, with its own mayor and town council members, where it had laws forbidding television programming or contraceptives, where the disobedient are tied to trees and whipped, where girls are forbidden an education, where children are taught to engage in crimes to feed money back to its leaders, where teenagers are trained to fight in an eventual holy war against the United States?

Where is the media outcry? Where are all the religious leaders and their outcry to what is happening to these women and children?

MOA was once listed as a terrorist organization by the United States Department of State. It has since been removed from that list. What once was an organization feared by the U.S. Government for committing murders, fire-bombings, kidnappings, assassinations and engaging in such crimes as drug running, gun smuggling, and assorted white collar crimes… is now so respected that they are allowed to set up their own town, their own government and their own military.

“Let me tell you something,” Ali told me. “If Gilanitomorrow told everyone, set yourself on fire, everybody would burn themselves. This has been going on for 30 years. I call them Modern Warrior Slaves.”

What is happening in Islamberg is completely illegal. What’s more, it’s an attack against the US Constitution and an insult to every principle of freedom and individual liberty America has ever stood for.

A group of people cannot form a town in America bysimply appointing a bunch of unelected government leaders to be mayors, deputy mayors and council members – all of whom, by the way, are required to believe in one particularreligion; in this case, Islam. It cannot compel people to live within its town borders, under the threat of harm if they leave.

They cannot mete out punishment, by tying them to tress and whipping them with sticks, for violating laws that were NEVER passed by an elected body and where the accuser is never given a fair trial. A town cannot exist in America where its own laws fundamentally violate state and federal laws, in this case forced marriages and polygamous relationships. And forget about a host of state and federal laws that are being violated by a town policy that educates boys, but not the girls.

And what town has its own army – training to engage in a holy war against the United States?

The Town of Islamberg raises a lot of legal questions. No one is willing to answer them.

Yet, it is clear, the Town of Islamberg does exist despite a host of legal issues that have never been addressed. It’s America’s first Islamic government. Yet, for sure, not the last as MOA continues to spread its camps and villages around the United States.

Osama bin Laden tried to bomb America into submission. Little did he know he only need to buy property in America and start forming his own Islamic government. Apparently, it’s as simple as that.


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