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10-29-2012 5:09 am - Robert Kilfeather
You and family are sitting in your home when a loud crash occurs out side. You see several men with guns approaching your door shooting at your house. Immediately you order family to hide in a safe place while you dial 911. The Police Answer, “What is your Emergency”. You tell them, they respond, “Got it, help is on the way.” Police drones are overhead observing; their cameras see the assault on your house. You listen for the sirens; yes, the police will use as much noise as they can muster to let the attackers know they are coming…

To one in such a situation that screaming noise is like manna from heaven, the attackers will pause, maybe run. Those officers are racing toward you, running red lights, slowing only for sharp curves, around traffic, and I may add at great risk to themselves and others in their path.

You wait,... and hear no such noise.

Four days later your remaining family buries your mutilated body, your wife’s ravaged body, and two neighbors who came to your aid and died with you.

The Chief of Police, Mayor, and Public Relations Officer tell the inquiring media and public, “We didn’t know”; stumbling through three or four differing versions of “we didn’t know," then finally recognizing "they did know"; after it leaked to the public, three weeks later that help was immediately dispatched but then stopped short by orders from either the Chief, Mayor or Other Official

The Chief then states “WE” held up the response team until our intelligence people identified the situation. “WE” do not send in officers until WE know the danger level and consider the safety of the officers in order to, what.... protect them from harm.


What in hell does the Mayor, Chief, and Others think the Police are for? They do that every day. They train for it, they are good in those situations. THAT IS THEIR FUNDAMENTAL PURPOSE IN THEIR JOB DESCRIPTION.

Leon Pannetta, (Chief of Police) in the DOD, Obama (Mayor) in the White House and Hillary Clinton (Other Officer) at DOS, have disgraced themselves, the United States of America, and mostly, the remaining families of the dead; their friends and co-workers, and are left with a seething anger and a life full of mental pain.

Thank you Mr. President. Then - - “YOUR FIRED’

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