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Apologies count: Obama for book accidental burning = 3; Islamic apologies for 18,500 attacks = 0
02-28-2012 9:59 pm - Paula Poster

Apologies count: Obama's apologies for accidental burning of a book = 3; Islamic apologies for 18,500 attacks = 0

The repeated geeky "apologies" by cowardice Obama's administration for the inadvertent "koran burning," has been heavily criticized. Even Liberals on CNN had to debate it, at least. Not to mention, it hasn't helped. We fail, time and time again to see that weakness emboldens them, while Obama was kissing bloody Taliban, Islamists butcher dozens. I am sure in their mindset we will all revere Islam much "better" now, right?

I just hope, someone in the WH Will leave from this Storm when it ends, knowing that this policy does more harm than good. to put it mildly. Looking back in retrospect, it actually made it worse. What if all of the governmental branches would ignore it, snub the protesters, would then, less than 39 people die in the course of a few days?

Again, to put "apologies" in perspective, we are yet to hear an apology from any Islamic "spokespersons" for all the 18,500 attacks (on non-Muslims, on Muslims, often using Muslims as pawns) in the name of Islam. Plus of course, the 9/11 massacre of nearly 3,000 people to the Islamic cry of "Allah u Akbar by Mohamed Atta & co." As to the argument of many Islamic activists, why should they apologize for other Muslims' crimes, I am quite puzzled that we hear the "voice" of Islam only when it suits them politically, then, all of a sudden they all 'get' a voice loud and clear with all that bombastic "islamophobia" shouts, which in fact is all about covering-up real, raw intolerance, the Islamic-bigotry of course, which creates all the violence in the name of Islam... and which is in fact most of all violence in the world, since the mid-1990s'.

Especially noted, is that muted, but otherwise loud terror linked Islamic lobby CAIR acting like a mad dog, each time when Islamization is getting a step backwards.

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