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Hi! My name is John Wallace and I am the Managing editor of LibertyNewsOnLine. I also host a radio show, speak at gatherings of Freedom Loving people and write articles about my belief that we, the free people of Western democratic countries are in imminent danger of losing our individual Freedoms and Liberty to ever growing and more intrusive national governments and to a lesser extent, ever growing and more intrusive state and local governments.

Here in America, with the continued issuance of unconstitutional Presidential Executive Orders that progressively chip away at our constitutional rights and the annual passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, which authorizes the arrest and indefinite detention of American Citizens without trial or other constitutional protections, all of our unalienable rights are now in danger. This danger to our individual freedoms and liberty, as well as our nation's sovereignty, is directly linked to passage of a large number of unconstitutional actions by our elected politicians.

The main purpose of this on-line newspaper is to publish important news stories that you may or may not see published by the main stream media of the USA, Europe, or anywhere else.


Managing Editor: JOHN WALLACE - Email:

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We are also looking for Liberty-minded authors and reporters who are well aware of the dangers to the people's Liberty and Freedoms and who are willing to inform the people of what is going on in your local area, state, or at the national level.

To be an author, however, you must first REGISTER on the site and them apply to be an author. The process is very simple.


For Liberty,
John Wallace